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Robotic Surgery

Memorial Orthopaedic Surgical Group

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Precision is essential for a successful surgery, especially when it comes to proper alignment for joint replacements. The highly trained surgeons at Memorial Orthopaedic Surgical Group in Long Beach, California, perform computer-assisted robotic surgery procedures whenever possible. To find out if you’re a good candidate for robotic surgery, call or book an appointment online today.

Robotic Surgery Q & A

What is robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery, or robot-assisted surgery, uses advanced technology to perform complex procedures with greater precision, flexibility, and control than what’s possible with traditional surgical techniques. The expert surgeons at Memorial Orthopaedic Surgical Group use robotic instruments and a computer guidance system to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

How can robotics assist with orthopaedic surgery?

Complicated orthopaedic procedures like hip and knee replacement surgery require a high level of accuracy. Traditional surgery involves positioning and aligning artificial components with handheld instruments. Because these instruments aren’t precise, there’s a risk of misalignment in the joint. 

Proper alignment is critical for a successful and long-lasting joint replacement. Computer-assisted robotic technology offers increased precision and eliminates the risk of misalignment. Instead of imprecise instruments, your surgeon uses sophisticated technology to create a 3D virtual model of your unique joint anatomy.

The computer uses this detailed, 3D model to create a customized surgical plan. This includes the exact angles of the cuts your surgeon will make and the specific size and position of your artificial joint components. Using the virtual model of your joint, your surgeon can ensure a successful reconstruction even before surgery begins.

What are the benefits of robotic surgery?

Robotic technology provides your surgeon at Memorial Orthopaedic Surgical Group with the highest degree of accuracy and control. This leads to many benefits for you, including:

  • Reduced risk of joint replacement failure
  • Less need for revision procedures
  • Faster recovery time
  • Decreased risk of complications

Most robot-assisted surgeries are minimally invasive, which means there’s less damage to healthy tissue than what’s involved in traditional orthopaedic surgery. 

What should I expect from a robotic surgery procedure?

First, your provider at Memorial Orthopaedic Surgical Group carefully reviews your medical history and performs a physical exam to determine whether robotic surgery is right for you. 

They perform robotic knee and hip replacement procedures while you’re under anesthesia. To create a 3D virtual model of your joint, they attach tracking markers through an incision and then guide your leg through a series of motions. 

Then, they use specialized robotic instruments to remove the precise amount of damaged tissue and replace it with precisely positioned artificial components.

After surgery, they work with you to develop a rehabilitation plan that includes rest, assistive devices, and physical therapy.

For the highest-quality care in robotic joint replacement surgery, call Memorial Orthopaedic Surgical Group or book an appointment online today.